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''I've been privileged to work with Elizabeth Sanderson since 2007. She's one of the most gifted therapists I know, always in pursuit of her own higher truth while dedicated to providing healing energy of the highest vibration to the clients fortunate enough to work with her. I can't sing her praises enough!" 

Emily Wells-Perritt, CMT, RYT-500

Owner, Wells Therapeutics, Inc.



"Liz has been my therapist for many years and ALWAYS manages to find the areas of my body that need extra attention!... I am blessed to be among her clientele!"

Nita Everton



"It's as though all the goodness in the world is transferred into my body for the 2 hours that I am under Liz's care. Her presence allows me to let go and completely relax, her confidence in understanding my body's needs assures me that any issues that I am experiencing-even the ones I don't know about- will easefully melt away. After a session, my body feels rejuvinated and I have a renewed sense of clarity and peace."  

Stacey Porth


"Liz and I are on week 9 of 12 of the 90 day program and I am basking in the changes that I am seeing in myself! It has been a blessed experience that I've needed so much more than I knew! In each session, Liz has met me where I'm at with full acceptance in a way that has allowed me to be with myself unconditionally. I feel safe with Liz and am grateful for the balance of structure and spaciousness in our work together. Liz offers clarity, modeling, love, and strength, and physical adjustments that light up and connect aspects of myself that have been dormant. I am cherishing this every step of the way. Liz is operating on a high level and I am grateful to know that she will be someone I can reach out to going forward when I am ready for change in any aspect of life/being."

Stephanie Nielsen, Therapist

"After my distance healing session with Liz,  I had such a great conversation with my husband about the trauma that I have experienced prior to our marriage and how all of that is resurfacing in these times. It allowed me to speak really freely about things that I don’t usually bring up because they’re so far in the past now. 

I am also noticing that although I still get angry, which of course is natural, it flows quickly through me and doesn’t stay bottled up the way it has been. The anger and stress still come, of course, but they don’t stay with me all day the way they did before our session. I’m finally letting my body handle what it’s here to handle, and keeping my mind out of it!"

Amy Strong

"After a major car accident, I was in a search to find a therapist to help me heal my body. After a few unsuccessful attempts, I finally started to find relief after receiving massage from Liz. She understood what I was dealing with and as she worked on me it was as though she was silently having a conversation with my body. I was able to just allow my body to relax and let go. Liz is the intuitive massage therapist that I've been looking for and now my entire family goes to see her, including my kiddos'."


"Liz is a channel for love and healing. She has taught me so many things, above all she has shown me how to give myself permission to be my authentic Self. She is a good friend, and incredible drummer, and has a laugh that makes my heart expand. Thank God for Liz!"

Diana Rose Ray 



"A massage from Liz is a magical experience. It is obvious from the first touch that she is very knowledgeable about human anatomy and energy work. She works my shoulders like no other! I have had many, many massages in my life, and Elizabeth rates up there with the best. Not only is she a lovely person, but the warmth of her touch is very healing. She is a true professional with a special gift. I highly recommend her."

Susan Hudgens

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